Storms, Sinkings and Sailings

June 21, 2015 by jarndt
Storms, Sinkings and Sailings

The early reports are in and, as always, with intrepid Summer Sailstice sailors hoisting sails everywhere there's a huge variety of sailing stories emerging about the day.  We're looking forward to seeing Sailstice videos posted on the Harken  Sailstice video contest page and will look forward to your stories and photos so we can add them to this year's Sailstice Tales.   We've got more people sailing 'together' in more places than ever before.  With 2016 being a leap year, next year's Sailstice will be on June 18th with the actual solstice on Monday June 20th - and a full moon.  Cool.  But, it's still the solstice here on Sunday, June 21 so it's time to head out sailing for today with more to come all summer long.  

At our local event in San Francisco we finished the day with a sailboat sinking right at the dock:


Ok, a minor sinking.  This boat was built, launched and sunk in a day - but tons of fun!  Naval architects care to comment?  Add your video to the Video contest here.

We also heard from Ruth of the Essex Corinthian Yacht Club that New England was kind of washed out by Tropical Storm Bill but, despite that, a few intrepid sailors ventured out to sail anyway.  That probably put a damper on the SSCA GAM happening on the Long Island shore as well.  And getting your boat over to Block Island for the start of Block Island Race Week was probably a less than ideal passage. 

Just maybe enough of 'Bill' will pass to give a little sun to New England before the solstice is gone?

We've heard from participants in the Point Yacht Club gathering off the beaches of Pensacola which sounded a lot more promising with good weather and a raft up of boats on the Gulf Coast.

Meanwhile in the North Sea the Volvo Ocean Race boats are battling it out on their way around the tip of Denmark and headed into Gothenburg.  Team Alvimedica is maintaining the lead it achieved sailing into The Hague but it will remain challenging as the course winds it's way to the finish of this 40,000 mile race!

Volvo Ocean Race map as the fleet heads around Denmark.

We''re also seeing lots of pictures and stories with #sailstice15 and comments such as this:

' 16h16 hours ago  We took a friend sailing for her first time today for and she's hooked. '

We're already hooked on sailing ourselves and have always thought Summer Sailstice the perfect time for others to discover its magic.  Glad people are inviting others out to enjoy it.

We'll be looking forward to getting everyone's stories and photos plus awarding the prizes to luck Sailstice participants everywhere.

More to come but, for now, enjoy what's left of the daylight and Summer Sailstice weekend.

These three boats were built, launched and raced in one day at the Encianl YC Summer Sailstice festivities (the fourth didn't get this far).  How would a rating rule handle this fleet?  More to come.

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