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Sun Powered Yachts

Summer Sailstice 2022
Sun Powered

Welcome Aboard, Sun Powered Yachts!

Sun Powered Yachts has donated a 1x50W SunPower E-flex panel bundle.  So not only the panel but the controller etc to get them up and running, valued at $350.00. Are you signed up and ready to win?

'We hope to inspire and inform yacht owners on the benefits of going solar and help reduce their impact on the natural environment and marine life.' - Sun Powered Yachts

Solar power has virtually no environmental impact. With no moving parts, solar panels are clean and silent, and produce no atmospheric emissions or harmful greenhouse gases. They're also easy to install, maintain and if you need to, remove and store.

SunPower flexible solar panels can be easily installed on your bimini, dodger, or deck and can be connected together to custom build a system to suit your own boat and your own energy needs. 

And how do they perform when there's no sun? The flexible panels can produce power in all types of weather. On partly cloudy days they can produce as much as 80% of their potential energy, and on extremely cloudy days they can still produce about 25% of their maximum output. Plus, they're built to withstand hail impact, high wind, and freeze-thaw cycles!

'Thanks, Sun Powered Yachts for your support for sailing and Summer Sailstice. It's great to have you aboard and we love your inspiration in helping to further reduce sailors' impact on the environment!' 

 What do you have planned? Remember to Sign up, Show up, Sails up on June 18th, 2022. Wherever you are and however you sail, join us!