1982 Celebrity Sailboat Almost Ready to Sail

July 12, 2017 by Monica Grant
1982 Celebrity Sailboat Almost Ready to Sail

Here's another great RESTORE AN OLD SAILBOAT entry. Connie Polk from Chatham Sailing Club, Savannah, GA, has been resotring her 1982 Celebrity sailboat, and now it's almost ready to sail again!

'Her previous owner sailed her on the Chesapeake and in Florida. His wife said 4 boats was too many, so he handed her off to me! I got to sail her once here on a small lake before I discovered the rot. So, instead of sailing, she’s been sitting on her trailer for 2 years.'

Connie has been working at restoring Zephyr to her rightful glory.
Zephyr parading her sails on Barren River Lake, KY before moving to GA.

'I have owned the 19 1/2’ Zephyr since 2003. She is a 1982 Celebrity, made by P. Evanson Yacht Co. in N.J., originating in Holland. When I moved her from Kentucky to Savannah, GA, I had great hopes of going from a lake sailor to a salt water sailor, but then discovered significant rot in the tabernacle and bulkhead, as well as a few ribs.'

'Last year a sailing buddy, Leo Peloquin, helped me take her apart. He is cutting a new tabernacle and bulkhead and will help me replace the ribs.
Removing tablernacle
Removing the bulkhead and tabernacle.

'Hopefully she’ll be out on the water again by the time the Chatham Sailing Club holds our annual small boat day in October! She’s such a beauty out on the water.
Zephyr clean.
She's clean and awaiting her new new bulkhead and tabernacle.  

'This was from just a couple of days ago, getting her ready to be dry-fitted with the new bulkhead and tabernacle. The floorboards have been sitting in my living room for a while now, waiting….!'

No doubt Connie is looking forward to getting Zephyr back on the water!

Almost ready for summer


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