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Founded in 2001, the annual Summer Sailstice was created to help sailors the world over join together in celebration of sailing, on the northern hemisphere’s longest sailing day of the year - the summer solstice.

A Summer Sailstice event creates a fun, sailing opportunity for Sailing Clubs, Fleets, Associations, and Schools to celebrate the best of sailing with their members, and to introduce their programs to new and potential members. Create an event to expand your reach within your local area and reenergize members by celebrating the fun and value of sailing with everyone, from old salts to beginners.

Creating an event is easy. Use the links below to get pre-written copy for your Newsletters, Invitations, Press Releases and Posters. Use them to invite your members, tell the public and get media attention, and to put your event on the map for this year’s global sailing celebration. Whether you host a members only celebration, an open house, a race, cruise, weekend-long celebration, or whatever you come up with, your participation helps showcase the fun and benefits of sailing to the whole world.



A hosted Summer Sailstice celebration can:

- Create an inclusive event which brings all members and participants together to celebrate the fun of sailing and of being part of the club!

- Serve as the perfect platform for launching an open house to introduce new and ‘yet to be’ sailors to your facilities, programs and benefits.

- Provide expanded awareness and publicity for your organization via the Summer Sailstice website.

- Create an opportunity for sister clubs, associations and schools, locally and around the globe, to celebrate sailing together.

- Serve as the “event hook” for the launch of a new class, program, charter, fundraiser, or to simply showcase your facilities.

And by registering your event on the Summer Sailstice website and encouraging all participants to RSVP to your event, your also giving them a chance to win from over 400 prizes just for joining the fun.
They will love winning, and you can later publish all the news about who did what, and who won what!