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Summer Sailstice Documents

Use these documents to create and promote your Sailstice event!!

Below you will find links to 3 downloadable and editable documents.

  1. Press Release: Add your organization's information and send it off to your local news sources. With most events getting canceled lately, it is positive news for you and the sailing community worldwide.
  2. Club Invitation: Use this as a newsletter, or send it out to your following to encourage people to sign up. We are stronger together, and you don't win prizes when you don't enter your plan, and everyone loves prizes. Right?!
  3. Partner Program: Want to promote sailing to your audience and have us promote your organization to our audience? Check out the partner program. It's a win-win guaranteed!

No matter how we sail or celebrate, it is you that makes Sailstice special. Together we will make the 20th Sailstice the best one yet! Put in your plan today!