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Easy Steps to Enter Your Summer Sailstice Plan!

June 17, 2024 by Heidi Benson Stagg

You've never participated in Summer Sailstice? Perhaps you've seen the colorful burgees flying in past years or you read the articles about the cruise outs, raft ups, races and day sails that took place over the longest weekend of the year. Maybe you think it's difficult to enter your plan? Fear not, we'll walk you through the steps and have your pin on our World Map in a matter of minutes!

Step 1: 
Go to www.summersailstice and take a look at the website to get an idea about the event. Click on the Events link and check out plans already on the World Map. When you're ready to join the fun, click the "Join!" link in the upper right of the website to create a personal account. (If you've already registered, you can go to "Log In" and enter a new plan or event or edit current ones.)

Step 2: 
Enter your profile and plans for sailing on Summer Sailstice. You'll input the details of your Individual Plan (location, type of boat, description of your outing) or you can click on the Event Page link to create a Public or Demonstration Event. Choose which pin best describes your plan:

Individual Plan: Your single boat plan, which could include joining an event or demonstration (day sails with family/friends, sailing club cruise out, race or regatta)
Public Event: Open for others to participate (open houses, sailboat rides, raft ups)
Public Demonstration: Open to spectators (viewing races from shore)

Optional: add photos of yourself, boat or sailing club fleet.

Step 3: 
Click the "Save" button by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Your event is now live!

You can go to the World Map and view your own and other individual, public event or demonstration  plans. You can also edit your plan at any time. 

What's stopping you now? We'd love to hit 150 events and you can help us reach our goal!


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