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Everybody Loves a Good Raft-Up

July 21, 2021 by Nicki Bennett

Two Raft-Up contest submissions for 2021, one from the Chesapeake and one from Chatham Sailing in GA. Both long time Sailastice participants. Looks like a good time had by all. 

Carl Reitz 2021 Raft Up

While we had 9 Hunters, threatening thunder storms forced the prudent Hunter Sailing Association raft captain to make the largest raft 5 boats. Two others are shown rafted together and two anchored separately, all in Eagle’s Cove, AKA "The Horse Farm" in the Chesapeake Bay’s Magothy River. Since it was the 176th anniversary of the first professional baseball game, we had a baseball theme with peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

Our club has been celebrating the Sailstice since 2011, so some club members sported Sailstice shirts from past years and other members donned spanking new 2021 shirts. We’re already looking forward to Summer Sailstice 2022.


Connie Polk 2021 Chatham Sailing Raft-Up

Approximately 31 Chatham Sailing Club sailors sailed 2 hours out the Wilmington River to Cabbage Island in the Warsaw Sound (GA) where we rafted up 8 boats (we had a 9th boat anchored nearby) filled with Summer Solstice devotees and plenty of food & drink. We have a wicked current, so we have to tie up to swim, but we're a hardy bunch and it was hot! I never get in these of these was my attempt at a selfie with the group, which humored all who patiently participated!

Chatham Sailing

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