Explore Turkey Aboard a Luxury Gulet

August 29, 2019 by Monica Grant
Explore Turkey Aboard a Luxury Gulet

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We’ve all heard stories about people sailing the Mediterranean, and we’ve all seen photos of the rugged yet alluring coastline, white-sand beaches, and a sky and ocean so blue it’s hard to tell where one begins and the other ends. Unfortunately the photos often evoke feelings of envy and dismay as we acknowledge the fact that didn’t go, and perhaps we never will. “It’s too far, it’s too expensive, it’s too outrageous! How could I possibly do that?” However the question we need to ask ourselves, is how could we not?

Dreams are meant to come true and what better dream to start with than the one in which you see yourself relaxing on beautiful boat in a beautiful location, while someone else takes care of everything for you. Picture this…

You’re lounging on the deck of a fully-catered, luxury sailboat wondering whether to swim, visit the beach, or take a quick nap before enjoying a sumptuous meal prepared exactly the way you like it: you're on a week-long cruise aboard a Gulet (pronounced Goo-let). It’s the perfect boat on which to cruise Turkey’s turquoise waters and discover the secluded bays and beaches that only a boat can reach. 

Gulet cruise Turkey

Getting there was simple. You contacted the agency and asked them to help you find the best gulet for your type of holiday. The experienced staff at Turkey Luxury Gulet have helped more than 10,000 holiday makers find their ideal escape aboard the gulet that perfectly matches their needs – and wants. Whether you’re bringing your family, a dozen friends or something in between, the gulet experts will ensure you get the best boat for your getaway.

As sailors we all know that as much as we love the sport, there are times when even we are happy for someone else to take hold of the lines, ensure the anchor is set or the mooring ball is caught — we have other things to do right now. The water is beckoning and there’s a paddle board just waiting for you to step aboard, and perhaps afterwards you’ll spend a little time snorkeling to get a closer view of life beneath the crystal clear waters that surround your gulet. Of course for those energetic moments you could always jump aboard the Jet Ski or catch a ride on the donut or water skis. There are so many options that it’s easy to forget that you don’t have to do any of these things. You could simply sit back and relax on deck while enjoying the tranquility and the views.

On deck yoga

However for those whose hands start to twitch just from looking at the sail and lines neatly set for the gentle afternoon breeze, fear not, you can still take part in the crewing and get a feel for the joy of sailing the gulet. 

As evening approaches and you begin to ponder food you relax and  ignore the instinctive urge to get up and organize dinner. It’s all been taken care of, your on-board chef has already planned the menu to create sumptuous meals incorporating fresh local seafoods and produce, and your own personal preferences.

Afterwards, having enjoyed a luxurious shower (some gulets also have a jacuzzi) – the joys of which are unheard of aboard most sailboats, you make your way into the main salon and marvel at the choice of entertainment available. Do you feel like reading, playing cards or a board game, or perhaps you’ve worn yourself out beach-combing, swimming and enjoying nature walks and all you want to do is settle in to watch a good movie? The choice is yours as your gulet comes equipped with games, TV and Wifi. 

Of course if you’re still craving the fresh air you can simply while away the evening on deck thinking about the next day’s activities. The vacation wizards have already helped you plan your trip so you don’t have to decide where to go, what to see and what to do. With the help of Turkey Luxury Gulet’s holiday specialists you were able to identify the bays, beaches and renowned sites you most wanted to visit and create an itinerary that covers everything from adventure to leisure and everything in between – just how you like it.

Gulet dinning

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? It is amazing, and it’s waiting for you. Exploring Turkey while cruising the beautiful Mediterranean aboard a gulet is not only fun, it’s unique, luxurious and authentic. The traditional two or three masted gulets originated in Turkey’s southwestern coast in the towns of Bodrum and Marmaris. Today’s gulets retain many of the traditional features while incorporating modern equipment and safety features. The vessels themselves are designed in such a way that even if you’re one of the unfortunate souls who suffers from seasickness, you’ll barely notice it aboard a gulet. 

Between Turkey Luxury Gulet’s professional shore staff, onboard crew of sailors and stewards, and the vessels well thought out features and you will be looked after from start to finish and will no doubt wish you could stay aboard forever. Make that dream come true and contact Turkey Luxury Gulet to find your perfect holiday escape. And when you get there, remember to take some photos to show all your friends. Better still, bring them along with you and leave the photography to someone else – you’ll be too busy enjoying your cruise.

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