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Here are Two More Restored Sailboat Entries.

June 22, 2017 by Monica Grant
Here are Two More Restored Sailboat Entries.

We know there are a lot of sailboats in the world, and we know that some people like to restore them, so it's a treat when we have the opportunity to see what people do as part of their restoration projects. Take a look at these next two RESTORE AN OLD SAILBOAT entries.

Eric Ringdahl is working on his dad's (Eskil) vintage 1938 Lightning which was built in Skaneateles the 1st year they started making them! (According to Wikipedia, "the Lightning is a sloop rigged sailing dinghy originally designed by Olin Stephens of Sparkman & Stephens in 1938 and was first sailed on Skaneateles Lake, NY, United States.)

Eric plans to complete the project on "Viking II" in time for the 80th Anniversary to be held in Skaneateles next summer. He even plans to enter it in their regatta using the original Egyptian cotton sails!


James Bender from Adriatic Maritime Institute has entered 'Vinca', a 24 foot Gajeta Falkušas. (The Gajeta (GUY-et-a) is a traditional sailing vessel that was typical to the Dalmation Coast and used to transport good and materials.)

James and his friend sought out an old Gajeta, built in 1924. 

"It was one the few left from the town of Komiža, on the island Vis. As we stepped aboard, I saw instantly the notation of the early builders the keelson that had a carved mast step where the rig used to be placed. Here was the first clue it was authentic and the papers verified that the boat was from the town of Komiža and was moored in bay of Porat on the west side of Bisevo."

For centuries the people of Komiža would burn a boat each year for the Feast of St. Nikola, the patron saint of sailors and fishermen. Hundreds of the Gajeta type boats had been sacrificed at the steps of the church as an offering to protect those who spend their lives going to sea. Read the Full Story.

Inka Petersen from Sausalito led the team on the reconstruction and with myself and the students and several volunteers, rebuilt the stem, replace several planks and finished the final touches of the boat.

In the coming week we plan to launch the boat as an offering on the solstice.


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