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Recharge on Summer Sailstice

April 28, 2024 by Heidi Benson-Stagg

There's so many great activities to participate in during Summer Sailstice! All over the world there will be sailing club cruise-outs and raft ups, racing across oceans and on lakes, educational charters on Tall Ships and so many other public events and demonstrations. 

It's a great opportunity to learn about your favorite harbor, too, such as Jamesport in New York:

"Jamesport was first settled in the 1690s and was originally called "Aquebogue." It was renamed "Lower Aquebogue" when another hamlet called "Upper Aquebogue" was established to the west. The Jamesport Meeting House, built in 1731, is the oldest operating church building in Suffolk County[4]

"Jamesport" is named for James Tuthill, who settled with his family in the area south of Lower Aquebogue, on the Peconic Bay, in 1833.[5] Over time, Lower Aquebogue came to be called Jamesport, while the community 1 mile (2 km) to the south, previously called Jamesport, came to be called South Jamesport (and is included in the present-day Jamesport CDP). Upper Aquebogue became Aquebogue.

James Tuthill tried to establish a commercial whaling and shipping wharf on the Peconic Bay, in what is now South Jamesport . But the effort was unsuccessful, because the water in the Bay at low tide was too shallow to accommodate ships. However, the Long Island Rail Road established service between Jamesport and New York City, after which Jamesport became a popular resort area, with several large bayfront hotels. These included the Miamogue Hotel and the Great Peconic Bay House,[6] which operated until 1952. Jamesport also became a thriving fishing community, and was a center for scallop and bunker (menhaden) fisheries.

From the 1830s to about 1950, Jamesport was the site of a camp meeting grove operated by the Methodist Episcopal Church, and after 1904, of an Epworth League Fresh Air Camp." (Source: Wikipedia)

William Hale, who hails from East Creek, Jamesport, was our very first 2024 Summer Sailstice entry. Instead of joining the crowds, he set a personal plan to simply "Get out and RELAX and enjoy family and life" on their Beneteau 31, Time in a Bottle.

The whole point of Summer Sailstice is to get out sailing. Do it with a flotilla or do it by yourself ... whatever floats your boat!

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