Summer Sailstice Contests are READY, SET, GO!

June 12, 2017 by Monica Grant
Summer Sailstice Contests are READY, SET, GO!

We've updated and finalized all our contests, so take a look, get set and go be creative. Apart from being fun, it means you have extra chances to win great prizes!

Do you enjoy taking photographs, making movies, fixing old boats, singing sea shanties, or rafting up with friends?

We've put together FIVE Contests for this year's Summer Sailstice. Enter one, or enter them all!


If you enjoy making movie clips that turn your friends green with envy when they see what a great day you had out on the water, put that energy to good use and enter the VIDEO CHALLENGE. Send us a 1-minute clip of your Summer Sailstice 2017 celebration. You don't have to be Alfred Hitchcock, or James Cameron, or even George Lucas (though it would be cool to hear from you George). You don't even have to be a Pixar artist. Maybe you just want to string together a minute's worth of the day's bloopers!  What ever you do, we're looking for clips that showcase sailing. Whether you've had a fun sunny day, or the rains came down and washed you all away, send us what you create from your 2017 celebration. At the very least you'll probably have a lot of fun putting it together!
Here's last year's First Place winning video entered by Evelyn Bauer from Muncie Sailing Club.

If still-shots are your thing, perhaps you'll end up with a favorite photo, or photos, of your 2017 Sailstice sail. Enter them in the PHOTO COMPETITION. We'll accept photos of sailboats, crew, Summer Sailstice burgees flying, bodies clad in Sailstice swag, artistic shots of sails, winches, wheels, compasses. Of course we'll accept sunsets and sunrises - you can never have too many of those. We'll even consider photos of your lunch, if we get an invite. You can enter as many photos as you like, but make sure you read the rules first!

Now, about that SEA SHANTY SHAKE. There's no doubt about it, Sailors love to sing! What else is there to do on those endless passages? Besides, I'm sure we've all had a go at being pirates, we're rum drinkers right? So let's hear those voices and show us how well you harmonise together, or alone, we don't mind either way. We're just looking for some good old, salty-sailor singing. You can sing to background music if you like. Perhaps you have a squeeze box or button box on board, or maybe one of those excellent waterproof Ukuleles from Kala Brand - which by the way will be up for grabs again this year. Dont' be shy, share your talent with the world, or at least with your Summer Sailstice family. Who knows, if you start now you might even be able to put together a band! Want to see how it's done? Take a look at last year's winning entry from Jody Horner.

And here's a merry crew playing at Encinal Yacht Club's 2016 Summer Sailstice Celebration!

Perhaps you've been working on a boat and want to enter the RESTORE AN OLD SAILBOAT competition. Previously, you had to restore an old wooden boat to enter, but we realize there are a lot of other old boats that are also worthy of restoration and that people are doing just that. So this year we've opened up the competition to 'old' sailboats in general. If you have, or are restoring an old sail boat, we want to see what you've been up to. Send us photos of the work in progress, before and after shots if you have them - I always forget to take before shots, but hopefully you took plenty. Give us a bit of insight into your project and anything else you want to share, and we'll share it with the everyone else. You'll be famous! You might even get people calling you to come and work your magic on their boat. Read about our 2016 winners Andrew & Jill Cross who restored a Quartermaster 8 named Hornpipe, and second place winner, Teresa Smith-Galoob who entered her restored Rooster.
Hornpipe  Rooster Sailboat

And now for our fifth and final, and 'new this year' contest - SUMMER SAILSTICE RAFT UP, 2017! To enter, send us a photo of your Summer Sailstice 2017 Raft up. Big or small, make sure you capture them all and tell us where you rafted up, and then tell us a little about your celebration. Remember to tell us how many there were (we just want to see if you can count). Invite your friends, bring your water toys, bring instruments, bring your camera. The boats don't need to be organized in any special order - from biggest to smallest, or widest to skinniest, or even color coordinated, they just need to be rafted up as a part of your 2017 Summer Sailstice celebration!
 Raft up 2016

Remember you have to be registered for Summer Sailstice 2017 to be elgible to enter. So renew your registration, or Sign up, and tell us your sailing plans.

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