Chatham Sailing Club - Raft-up and Beach Trip

June 10, 2019 by edowens_28819
Summer Sailstice 2019
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06/22/2019 01:00 PM
Turner Creek at Wilmington River (G27)

We want to get as many Chatham Sailing Club members on the water as possible this year. The plan is to assemble sail boats and crew at 1 pm on Saturday, June 22nd at the mouth of Turner Creek, as it enters the Wilmington River (in the vicinity of G27). The tide will be high at around 1pm, so we'll be able to ride it out as a group toward the Wassaw Sound. Depending on how far we make it, we 'll anchor out either along the north shore beach just past the shoal between R22 & R20, or, if we make it that far, off the beach on Wassaw Island.

Bring along food and drinks, swim gear and floats, we'll swim to shore and play on the beach, have a cookout and return after the tide turns at around 6pm. If the weather is cool enough, some folks might want to sleep out at anchor.

If you have a sailboat, let Ed Owens ( know you'll be coming. We should be able to take 5-6 crew per boat and can assign departure locations by email.


32.007203, -81.005287