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Impulsively Perennial Watauga Lake Summer Sailstice Raftup

March 2, 2023 by Impulsively_Windward
Sometimes it's busy, sometimes it's just us, but it's always fun!
Sharing the hooks
Send 'em aloft!
Anchors? We don't need no stinkin' anchors!
Summer Sailstice 2023
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06/24/2023 05:00 PM
The incomparable Watauga Lake

United States

After a pandemic (and change of ship) hiatus, the crew is aboard S/V Impulsive to once again observe Summer Sailstice some way, somehow, somewhere on Watauga Lake.  This is a low key, show-and-go day sail and BYOE raftup, with eventual location TBD based on weather, lake traffice, attendance and the capricious whim of S/V Impulsive's skipper. If you have a sailboat, a good attitude and concurrent senses of humor and adventure, consider joining us. Or do something else. Just get out there.

This is an invitational thing, but if you're a friend of s/v Impulsive's crew, or even better a member of the fabled Watauga Lake Sailing Club (WLSC), you're invited! As always, these are family friendly events, so don't hesitate if you've got young'uns - bring em along!

It's not mandatory, but if you remember to sign up at you have shot at winning actual prizes. Otherwise you just get to come and have a great time, which is no small thing.

s/v Impulsive should be set to receive visitors around 5 PM Saturday June 24, leaving you loads of time to have fun earlier in the day. Hail on VHF 16, or use our probable working channel VHF 68. We'll be secured by anchor and/or shorefast, but some other boats may need to drop a hook to help keep the flotilla stationary. Some folks need to leave early or mid-day on Sunday.  Impulsive will hang in until afternoon.  You're welcome to continue your most excellent time after that, but will need your own ground tackle to do so

Whatcha need? Whatever you're going to eat and drink, maybe a nosh to share around, plus overnight sleeping and cooking gear. Boat wise, you'll need 5 to 6 dock lines, at least two big fenders, and ideally a suitable anchor with 200-300+ feet of rode. A VHF radio is really helpful, since final location won't be determined until probably Friday. You'll also need a good attitude, and the ability to maneuver your boat without ramming other boats. You can get some help with that one if you're a tad nervous.  Got a kayak or dinghy, or water polo setup? Sure, bring it on.

Fair Winds!


36.32668778177, -82.086019121956