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Summer Sailstice in Second Life

April 17, 2020 by sierradave
A few photos from our Sailstice Day
Summer Sailstice 2020
Event Type
06/20/2020 12:00 AM
Second Life--Worldwide

Progreso Yucatan,

WOW, did we have a Sailstice! Our best guess is around 300 people attended our 14 hours of events, from the 5AM cruise (mostly folks in Europe, where if was 2 PM) to the evening SAILS & TAILS party with the merfolk dancing beneath the glass dance floor.

Maybe that all sounds a little crazy. But Summer Sailstice in Second Life brought together more than twenty people from around the world to create a single event built entirely by ourselves. The video linked here was produced during the planning; more will be posted later on.

SEE THE VIDEO: (2 minutes)

We hope to do this again next year! Pandemic or not, there will always be sailors who can't be on the water and we hope we can at least provide the camaraderie and good energy that being around like-minded people (and really beautifully-modeled boats) provide. Enjoy the summer!


If you've never tried virtual sailing ("I hate video games!!") then you're in for a real surprise. Sailing in Second Life is a PEOPLE experience; it's about making friends from around the world--sailing with them, partying with them, and even exploring other places and activities you're interested in or might have never heard of.

We've been sailing virtually in Second Life for many years, with cruises, races, parties, marinas, yacht clubs, amazing boats (from tiny dinghies to 3-masted galleons) and everything else (except getting wet).

Our communities, clubs and marinas have lined up virtual events to make this an exciting day. We have a special race just for beginning sailors, with a free sailboat made just for you! Or come in and take a ride on a yacht with an experienced SL sailor, or just dance to our live-at-home DJs or live musicians. (Or maybe you'd rather put on a tail and join the merfolk UNDER the surface, following the boats around? It's all here.)

This is all FREE, so to participate, just JOIN our event here on this page, then visit our Website to get all the details! A shortcut right to lots of "How To" information for new Second Life users on our site is at The event is FREE, and we'll help you find free boats and other stuff; we even have our very own Sailstice shirts.

Stuck on land this June? Join our Event, and let's bring these worlds together!

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