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Summer Sailstice in Second Life 2022

January 14, 2022 by sierradave
Summer Sailstice 2022
Event Type
06/18/2022 04:00 AM

, Yuc.

For our third year, we offer the worldwide sailing community a virtual experience!  Join our inworld community of hundreds of sailors for cruises, races, parties and--Who Knows?  Since we are limited only by our collective imagination, our event could offer anything.

If you're a real life sailor (or thinking of becoming one), know that SL boats are incredibly realistic.  From windsurfing boards to 50-foot yachts to 3-masted galleons, the operation of each boat is as close to reality as the creator (a real person, not a Second Life company employee) can program.  Our Sailstice event offers you the chance to come in and meet virtual sailors from all over the world, visit our marinas and yacht clubs and even experience sailing while mermaids swim around you.  (They're real people too!)

If you can get on real water on June 18, do it!!  But if anything keeps you on dry land, or if you've got some time before or after your RL (Real Life) event, come on in!

We've got VIDEO from the 2021 Summer Sailstice in Second Life, including our 60-Second Video Challenge entry!  Take a look!

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