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Summer Sailstice in Second Life 2024

January 21, 2024 by sierradave
Our 2023 Boating Expo
Summer Sailstice 2024
Event Type
06/22/2024 04:00 AM
Second Life

Progreso, Yuc.

Originally created as a Covid alternative, SS in SL is back for our FIFTH year!  Our virtual event spans the globe, with hundreds of our inworld sailing community participating in cruises, races, live music, art exhibitions, parties and our world's biggest boat exposition.

Last year we started at 4AM Pacific Time and finished at midnight.  There were also events that ran over a week or two, including an exhibition of lighthouse photography--real life, virtual, and AI-created.

Because we run all day, you can participate in your local Sailstice event and join us as well!  We've got fantastic live musicians streaming from their home studios; their avatars perform on stage as the audience dances.  Put on a tail and join our great Sails and Tails Party in the evening!

Our Website will be updated over these next months, but right now you can see what was there last year, and learn a lot more about our huge sailing community!  And you can sharpen your sailing skills too--our boats follow all the physical rules of wind and currents as close as our community or programmers can make them.  (Rules of the Road matter too!)  You'll do everything but get wet, so come join us!

21.339945544423, -89.66734146069