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10th Annual Pluckers and Pirates Summer Sailstice Extravaganza

September 26, 2023 by Captain Kirk
Summer Sailstice 2024
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10th Annual Pluckers and Pirates Summer Sailstice Extravaganza
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Greetings Pluckers and Pirates and wanna be Pluckers and Pirates! For the 10th Anniversary we have a slight change from our traditional plan. This year we are combining our efforts with two great club events: The Fun Sail and the Jimmy Buffett Party. They're on tap for June 22, 2024 and so is Summer Sailstice.

As the event date gets closer we can coordinate our launch times while we steadfastly raise our ten (10) hard earned Summer Sailstice burgees. As we look skyward, please remember to keep an eye out for those new islands appearing daily in the lake. I wholeheartedly believe this change will us give us the BEST opportunity for creating those daring, action packed, colorful sailing videos that the Summer Sailstice folks really want.

Regarding food: who can beat a Cheeseburger (in Paradise) served at the top of the ramp? Even with John Ruiz adding a new 40 foot extension to the walkway, it's still the closest burger around. Deb and Captain Kirk will be manning the grill up on the hill, so please join us for fun in the kitchen if you so desire.

Finally, call, text or email if you have questions. Hope to see you at the Club on June 22nd!

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29.881842460321, -98.212632805275

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The Catalina fleet at LCYC includes 28MKII, 22, 250,320 and 315