Enjoy every second of sailing!

June 21, 2022 by bob.hurley@com…
Summer Sailstice 2022
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Enjoy every second of sailing!
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Due to surgery to remove cancer, I did not put my C&C34 sailboat boat in the water last summer. This was the first time in 20 years I did not launch my boat. It was painful. It seemed like an eternity waiting until this season. Launching my boat, Kokopelli, today and sailing her to the mooring was a absolutely wonderful feeling! I am happy to say I am a cancer survivor and my sail plan this summer is to sail as much as I can and enjoy every second of it.
The picture below is me after just getting launched and heading out for a great season.
The question about "Number of people in your party" - anyone that knows how painful it is to miss a sailing season is in my party. :-)
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41.521187961822, -70.861193061295

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1982 C&C34
After missing las summer, I just launch and heading off to the start fo a great season!