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Boye Knives

Summer Sailstice 2020

David Boye has been making knives since 1971, when he chose knife making over a career in academic psychology. Not surprising given his seafaring heritage - his great-grandfather was a merchant seaman on the Atlantic Ocean, his grandfather a sea captain on the U.S. Pacific Coast, and his father was a tugboat captain who tragically lost his leg in a tangled tow line in San Francisco Bay in 1943.

David has donated the Boye Cobalt Folder with a Sheepsfoot design blade, perfect for using on board. Easy to carry (only 2.2 oz!) and can be deployed and opened and closed with just one hand. It will part virtually any line safely, and can be used for hours on end and still cut effectively. It can also cut bread and cheese and make sandwiches, but it doesn't cut down on a board so well and won't scrape hides. But that's okay, you're unlikely to be hunting when you're out sailing!

Boye Knives are made from dendritic cobalt, David's innovative and advanced metallurgy, to produce a blade that is non-magnetic (won't affect your compass), won't rust, and holds its edge even after hours of use. Take a look at this demonstration of the knife's cutting abilities.


Boye Cobalt Sheepsfoot Knife Cutting Endura Braid

Want to know more?  Read about some of the tests and results, and learn what Boye Knives' happy customers have to say.

Entirely self-taught, and with over 45 years of experience, David Boye is widely recognized as one of the leaders of modern, custom knifemaking, and has shared his knowledge in his classic text, Step by Step Knifemaking: You Can Do It 

"In my 35 years of custom knifemaking, I have ground thousands of blades by hand and developed time-tested knife designs for everyday use - practical styles, comfortable, balanced feel, sweet to carry - lightweight, compact, easy to keep with you at all times."

"These knives are an investment in your security and personal control on board. I recommend that you equip yourself and your crew with at least one safety tip and one pointed tip in each style for all the things you could encounter at sea." - David Boye



Boye Knives