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Forespar Boat Care

Summer Sailstice 2013
Prize Value
Forespar Boat Care

We all know boats need maintenance, and what better products to use than those that have been created specifically for marine use.

Forespar's MareLube Valve™ range has been developed for the lubrication of marine valves and seacocks of any material - metal or composite, and can safely be applied to valves seals, balls and any other moving parts. MareLube is not petroleum based so it will not degrade seals and O rings. It is a pure synthetic, clear, non-staining and nontoxic lube that is also perfect for traditional bronze fittings.

Made using an advanced lubrication formula refined by Forespar, MareLube Valve also suits the needs of boaters in maintaining their marine plumbing systems, as well as all composite plumbing fixtures like Forespar's Marelon parts. With its excellent film strength it is far superior to petroleum and white oil based greases – giving better performance and longer service life.

Furthermore, MareLube operates over a wide temperature range from Tropical to Arctic conditions. 

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