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Good Old Boat: Subscription!

Summer Sailstice 2023
Prize Sponsors

Good Old Boat magazine is back on board for Summer Sailstice with five full-year print or digital subscriptions to give away!

"After more than 20 years, Good Old Boat remains the go-to magazine for sailboat owners who maintain, repair, and improve their boats themselves. "The pages are filled with DIY project-based articles, informative technical articles, comprehensive reviews of good old boats, and thoughtful essays on the joys of sailing life. There's no other sailing magazine like it!

During this magazine's rich history, the fleet of thousands of Catalinas, Cals, Ericsons, Newports, Columbias, Pearsons, Valiants, Hunters, and many, many more boats has grown — and thrived. These boats are sailed widely, from Kentucky lakes to the Great Lakes, from the Chesapeake Bay to San Francisco Bay, and around the world. They're the boats many of us sail. So while the rest of the sailing magazines focus year after year on the newest half-million-dollar boats, Good Old Boat writers and editors focus on boats like the ones they sail. 

This year 5 lucky Sailstice participants will win a subscription to Good Old Boat. Sign up, or renew your registration to be eligible to win, and remember to add your sailing plans so we can share your Summer