Harken Derm

Summer Sailstice 2019
Prize Value
Harken Derm

Harken Derm has produced a sunscreen that lasts all day, is skin safe, reef safe and will actually protect you from the sun's harmful rays. Plus they've teamed it up with an anti-aging, antioxidant lotion to give sailors the best two-step solution for their sundrenched lives.

If you were one of the lucky sailors to win a tube of High Performance Sunscreen or Daily After Sun Skin Repair Lotion, let us know what you think. Send us a photo of you and your product out on your boat or wherever you both happen to be!

Harken Derm was created by Dr. Edit Olasz Harken, MD, PhD. While Dr. Harken's husband, Peter Harken was busy engineering innovating sailing solutions, and propelling the sailing world forward, Dr. Harken, a practicing MD and dermatologist devoted her time to skincare and earned her PhD at the National Institute of Health focusing on immunology.

After listening to hundreds of sailors, Dr. Harken worked with scientists, dermatologists, and chemists from all over the world to find the perfect solution for sailors: a sunscreen and an after sun damage repair lotion that would be EXACTLY what their lifestyle demanded. 


- Water resistant, sweat resistant, broad spectrum SPF 50, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide - no chemical filters.

Full Spectrum Protection: UVA/UVB, Infrared and HEVL protection.

- Reef safe, for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, safe for kids, repair and protect.

In other words -

Highest possible protection

100% mineral

No harmful ingredients


Clinically proven results

Botanical ingredients with proven efficacy

Moisturizing, soothing, strengthening, anti-aging

Learn more about the personal and global benefits of the Harken Derm range of skincare products.