iBoatTrack - for Iridium GO

Summer Sailstice 2018
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iBoatTrack - for Iridium GO

Do you use Iridium GO! on your sailboat?  iBoatTrack is donating 10 x 1-month memberships for Summer Sailstice Iridium GO! users. Sign up for Summer Sailstice to be in the running for this great prize.

iBoatTrack is a great way for your family and friends (those who aren't lucky enough to be sailing with you) to follow your voyage anywhere in the world, and it's very simple - your vessel's position is transmitted using your existing Iridium GO and data plan.

Set up is easy, all that's required is to exchange some information about your SIM card and update a setting in your Iridium GO. 

Take a look at who's currently using iBoatTrack to share their sailing adventures with those left behind. 

'We are committed to providing cruising vessels with offshore connectivity anywhere in the world and to facilitate friends and family being able to follow along on your voyages. We pride ourselves on giving personal attention to every member.' - iBoatTrack Team

Vessel owners and captains love the connectivity and safety benefits of being signed up with iBoatTrack -

John O'Connor who has been using iBoatTrack for seven years aboard SV Sapphire loves that the service provides reliable and real-time information in real time to family and friends. "It has functioned reliably from Turkey in the east to New Zealand in the west, including both trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific passages."

Captain James Geil, Director of TABOR BOY Programs and Vessel Operations says, "The iBoatTrack service lends an added level of safety to the operation of our sail training vessel, especially when sailing offshore. This is a crucial and necessary piece of equipment, and we have had it aboard for many years.”

See more happy iBoatTrack voyagers.

'We are passionate about providing tracking to our members and are ready to increase our memberships so that more people can enjoy, vicariously, their own dream voyages.  Now that we use Google Earth mapping as our background, users can zoom right down to the dock level to see where their favorite boats are!' - Clark Gee, iBoatTrack president.

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