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Lunatec Trekr & Scrubr

Summer Sailstice 2013
Prize Value
Lunatec Trekr & Scrubr

Lunatec has donated a Scrubr and Trekr set for one lucky sailstice sailor!

Lunatac is about creativity and innovation. Founded by a group of adventurous outdoor enthusiasts, Lunatec aims to create innovative and practical gear for travelers and adventureres alike. 

Trekr® is the ultimate travel washcloth. You never need to wash Trekr. Even if you're covered in mud, sweat, and sunblock, you can wash it all off with the Trekr then simply rinse it clean - every time! Made from QuickDri nylon material, the Trekr will wash, exfoliate, dry fast and never get smelly! Perfect for people on the go - adventure, travelers, campers, backpackers, RVers, cyclists, fitness enthusiasts, and military personnel, and particularly Sailors, you know how smelly they get!  Plus you never need to wash your Trekr because it rinses clean every time you use it.


The same material has been used to create the Scrubr™ - the ultimate sponge, scrubbie and dishcloth all in one. LIke the Trekr, it doesn't get smelly, it dries too fast! Scrubr also rinses free of debris - it's in the weave. Scrubr is made from QuickDri material, which dries crazy fast and rinses clean, free of debris. That makes it a perfect alternative to sour smelling cotton dishcloths and sponges. Another great idea for on the boat!  


So if you'd like to get your hands on some of these beauties (like I would), make sure you sign up to Summer Sailstice and get out there on June 20!