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Mantus Anchors

Summer Sailstice 2020
Prize Sponsors

Mantus Anchors is back on board for Summer Sailstice 2020 and has donated these fantastic prizes -
3 x $100 Gift Certificates; 3 x 50% Discount Coupons; 5 x Mantus Headlamps; 5 x Mantus Backpacks; 10 x Mantus Waterproof Purses

Sign up and add your sailing plans to be in the running, then take a look at Mantus Anchors' great range of quality marine products to get an idea of how you'd spend your Gift Certificate or Discount Coupon. 

Perhaps you'll put it toward a new Mantus Anchor? Take a look at this demonstration -

Mantus Anchor Introduction


Founder and managing director, Gregory Kutsen developed the Mantus Anchor after experiencing the anxiety producing close calls and sleepless nights I'm sure we can all relate to. "Cold and drenched in rain I'd try to keep from hitting my neighbors. I grew frustrated that my 45 lbs CQR would often not set or would drag if the winds increased above 25 knots. I never felt comfortable leaving Coconut, my 38′ Ericson, unattended if the wind topped 20 knots. I realized that the problem is not usually holding power but whether the anchor set properly in the first place."

Driven by his Emergency Room Physician's training Gregory realized 'Preparation is Key', and decided to do something to solve his anchoring issues. "I wanted to always be ready for the worst blow and have the best ground tackle. I could not accept the setting ability of the anchors on the market and set out to design an anchor that would match any existing anchor's durablilty, yet would set reliably on any bottom and store easily."

Perhaps you'd like to buy the Mantus Scuba Pack - 

Since its inception in 2012, Mantus Anchors has cemented itself as a manufacturer of high-quality, effective anchoring systems and a provider of innovative products to make sailors' and boaters' lives easier, safer and more fun!

Read some of the great feedback from Mantus Anchors' very happy customers.

Customers love the Mantus Waterproof Purse!

Mantus Anchors Waterproof Purse

And the Mantus Headlamp: The aluminum alloy headlamp features  water resistance up to 10 meters (30 feet), 6 Cree XM-LT LEDs that output 770 lumens and throw a beam up to 140 meters (420 feet), the light features an SOS signal and can mount to a life jacket making a perfect emergency light.
Mantus Head-Lamp

Remember to Sign up and register your sailing plans to take part in the greatest global sailing celebration ever on June 20th,
and for a chance to win a prize from Mantus Anchors!