MTI Life Jackets

Summer Sailstice 2019
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MTI Life Jackets

MTI Life Jackets is donating 2 x life jackets for Summer Sailstice sailors!

MTI stands for Marine Technologies International - the company that specializes in one thing:  designing and building USCG approved life jackets for what they like to call “human powered boating.” Whether you're into Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting, Sailing or SUP boarding mti Life Jackets makes the life vest for your needs. 

MTI Life Jackets uses cutting edge technology to design and produce innovative products which not only look good and are comfortable to wear, but also comply with stringent UL certification and US Coast Guard requirements.

BOB: Kids know cool! Performance USCG approved for young sailors 50-90 lb with grown-up fit and features. Simple single side clip, adjustable soft shoulders and waist belt for secure fit. Back “Porthole” makes a handy grab point for retrieving kids from the water. Reflective trim and D-rings for adding crotch strap.

Journey: The Journey is the perfect vest for versatile sailing. Slim fit with comfortable 3D contoured front panels and open sides for total freedom of movement. Soft shoulders don’t chafe or get hung up on rigging. Ideal for the day sailor or nearshore racer looking for a non-bulky, no-nonsense life jacket that meets all US Coast Guard requirements Type III. Journey has been updated for 2019 and now includes a signal whistle on a tether and has an easy access pocket for things like smart phones.

MTI Life Jackets have incorporated so many handy features, they made a list for you! Check it out.

If you'd like to get your body into one of these, Sign up for Summer Sailstice and sail on June 22ndd to be in the draw. But you can only win one so check out MTI Life Jacketscatalogue and get yourself and your dog an MTI Life Jacket now - that way you're one step closer to being ready for Summer Sailstice 2018!