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New England Ropes

Summer Sailstice 2020
Prize Sponsors

Welcome back and Thank you, to New England Ropes for their continuing support for sailing and for Summer Sailstice.

New England Ropes is donating a Halyard (VPC 11mm x 120ft.), an 8 Plait Anchor Line (5/8 X 150ft.), a Hook & Moor adjustable boat hook for this year's Summer Sailstice sailors.  

New England Ropes' Pre-made dock & anchor lines are ready made with professional eye slice and bitter end heat sealed and whipped. All dock and anchor lines are available in the legendary premium three strand nylon, double braid, mega braid II and mega-braid products.

 Hook & Moor Boat Hook

The new Hook & Moor Boat Hook helps thread lines through hard-to-reach mooring balls and post rings. Always ready, it allows the use of the boat's own mooring line for direct one step tie-ups, without using a messenger or guide line. It also works as a regular boat hook when the hook head is locked open.   

The benefit of Hook & Moor is that it pulls the mooring rope through the ring and back onto the boat in one motion without having to dangerously reach far overboard. Just place the eye of dock line in the Hook & Moor carabiner, reach down and pull the hook right through cleat or mooring eye. Bring the dock line back towards boat and secure the line’s eye on the cleat.

New England Ropes has a great range of quality products Learn more about New England Ropes' great range of quality products. Remember, you need to Sign up or renew your Summer Sailstice registration to be in the running for one of these great prizes!





























'Summer Sailstice on Lake Erie and celebrating the first time I used my Hook & Moor hook from Summer Sailstice. Thank you for the fabulous hook. It was so easy to use!' - Jennifer Good Spires, 2016 winner.