Pirates Lair - Mount Gay® Rum Schwag

Summer Sailstice 2019
Prize Value
Pirates Lair - Mount Gay® Rum Schwag

We all remember the Dennis Connor and his awesome skill at the helm of numerous America's Cup challenges. Now you can enjoy the iconic Stars & Stripes again thanks to Pirates Lairthe same cool crew who make our Summer Sailstice Tshirts, burgees, and hats! 

Take a look at this newest addition to the Pirates Lair range of must-have sailing-swag

And don't forget the unforgettable Mount Gay® Rum gear. There's never been a sailor who didn't know about or want anything with the iconic Mount Gay® Rum logo! Here's your chance to win a Mount Gay® Rum Flask from Pirates Lair. We have four to give away!


Sign up and post your sailing plans or your club/association event for a chance to win a Dennis Connor, Stars & Stripes hat, or a Mount Gay® Rum Flask from Pirates Lair.