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PNW Custom Micro Reef Tank

Summer Sailstice 2024
Prize Value

The Micro Reef Aquarium fits right on your desktop so anybody can keep a slice of the reef on their desk or counterspace! 


It is easy to maintain and a great "starter" tank for those wanting to try out this exciting hobby. At only 40 oz, you can set it up quickly with either salt or fresh water


Included with the Micro Reef comes necessary supplies to set up and maintain the system:

•Micro Filter kit containing 1 Chemipure Blue Nano 1-month supply chemical filtration.

•Specialized cleaning kit including engraved card to scrape any calcarious algae, long stem Cotton swabs to remove film from display and clear any blockage in drain pipes.

•Weekly maintainence checklist.


Check out the wonderful world of micro-tanks at PNW's YouTube channel or visit their website to find out how easy it is to become an aquarist!