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Q + M Travels

Summer Sailstice 2019
Prize Value
Q + M Travels

Welcome Aboard Summer Sailstice, Q + M Travels! 

Q + M Travels has signed up for Summer Sailstice as both a prize donor and a participant and we're thrilled to have them aboard. 

As passionate, dedicated sailors Quincey and Mitchell are excited to be onboard with Summer Sailstice to promote and grow sailing and have donated a fantastic prize for this year's Summer Sailstice sailors -

Win a Sunset sail on SF Bay for up to 6 guests!

The cruise departs Berkeley Marina, Monday to Friday evenings after 5pm. Esprit can take up to 6 guests (perfect for an evening with friends, so start inviting them now).

Quincey and Mitchell will be your hosts as you sail around San Francisco Bay, taking in the sights, perhaps even spotting a whale or two and enjoying a glorious Californian sunset.


The prize will Expire on August 15th after which Q + M Travels will be hitting the 'sailing highway' and engaging in adventurous voyages to destinations such as Vancouver, Monterey, Santa Barbara, Channel Islands, San Diego... did anyone say Mexico for 2020? Take a look at their calendar, maybe you'll find the sailing holiday of your dreams!

And for their own Summer Sailstice celebration Quincey and Mitchell are hosting a weekend sailing adventure, exploring "all the best that San Francisco sailing has to offer" and you're invited to join them aboard their Kelly Peterson 46, Esprit.


Quincy and Mitchell do more than just sail aboard Esprit, it's their mission to make every voyage a fun filled adventure include exploration, education and great food. 

'We offer sailing charters that are 50% sailing and 50% exploring fantastic locations for their natural beauty, culture, food, and physical activities. Having fun, educating, eating well, and adventuring are our top priorities.' Q + M Travels.

Don't wait. Sign up or renew your Summer Sailstice registration now and add your June sailing plans. Perhaps you'll join Q+M Travels for their Summer Sailstice 'Weekend Adventure', perhaps you'll sail elsewhere. Either way, get your pin on the map and be a part of the greatest sailing celebration afloat.