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Sailology: WinchRite Cordless Winch Handle

Summer Sailstice 2023
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Sailology products are designed by sailors, to make sailing more enjoyable, easier, and safer. Sign up for Summer Sailstice and be in the draw for the WinchRite® ABT Cordless Winch Handle from Sailology. 

'We make sensible products with you, the sailor in mind. You will find the product on our boat and we use it, we test it, and we ensure it meets our standards!'

Summer Sailstice
WinchRite Cordless Winch Handle!

Take a look at this video of the WinchRite® in action:

The WinchRite® ABT Cordless Winch Handle is a light-weight, safe, cordless electric winch handle designed specifically for use on sailboats. It features an efficient 21.6v lIthium ion battery, an ergonomic design, and comes complete with a holder for when not in use.

The WinchRite® features an Advanced Brushless Motor (ABT) for increased efficiency, greater torque, and less internal heat to give you a more reliable electric winch. Designed with safety in mind, it features an integrated rubber inlay for anti-skid prevention and a weather resistant cover for increased durability and protection. The winch cog contains a unique drive to prevent failure in both rotation directions and will not unthread or snap the retaining screw.

'We needed to think safety when developing this high torque device to prevent damage to a boats rigging and the person using it. The handle will pull away from you if torque or resistance is too great. The idea for this unique device was developed with the thought of preventing injury and allowing you to enjoy the sport of sailing.'

The WinchRite® works on all single and two speed winches where a standard eight point handle is utilized, and is designed with a socket drive that will not unthread, allowing it to be operated in both directions. Want to know more? Take a look at the FAQ page

WinchRite ABT Features:

Powerful Brushless Dual Direction Motor with Rechargeable Battery

Strengthened gear box design

Universal Multicharger

Safety Chime soft start

Ergonomic design

Dual Rotation

WinchRite ABT Technical Specifications:

EXTERIOR HOUSING: Composite of ABS and PC plastics resulting in superior durability and strength

DRIVE: Integrated standard winch cog of stainless steel

TORQUE: Achieves 110+NM (81 lb/ft) of torque to stall

ROTATION: 0-130 rpm via variable speed technology in both directions allowing for two speed winch rotations

BATTERY: Internal rechargeable 21.6V lithium ion

WEIGHT: 6.2 lbs.

WARRANTY: 1 year limited

WinchRite ABT Includes:

Multi-format 110/240v A/C Charger

12 v D/C Trickle Charger

Two Drive Cogs

Travel/ Storage Tote Bag

Mountable Storage Holder

Well now that we've got you all excited about the WinchRite, don't wait around for June to see if you win, go to Sailology and purchase one now - it will make your summer sailing a breeze!