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Spinsheet One-year Subscription for 2 & Hat

Summer Sailstice 2024

SpinSheet Chesapeake Bay Sailing is the 'go-to' publication and website for boaters and sailors of all levels who seek more fun and sport on the Chesapeake Bay!

SpinSheet focuses on the Chesapeake region and its people! The magazine is packed with news of on-the-water adventure, cruising, racing, daysailing, fishing, boatbuilding, the boating lifestyle and new and old boating friends and families. Plus you'll find updates on active, water-related regional events that are open to the public. Each issue includes stories, photos, videos, and ideas that have been contributed by the people out on the water - sailors and boaters. And what's more, the team at SpinSheet are committed to the Chesapeake and take the Bay, but not themselves, seriously.

Here's a glimpse of the quality content you can expect from SpinSheet:


And, you can read a magazine from SpinSheet's archive library...



So if you'd like to get your eyes on this excellent publication, or win a Spinsheet cap, remember to Sign up for Summer Sailstice, or renew your registration and get out on the water for a great day of sailing with family and friends! Oh and don't forget to tell us how you'll be celebrating!