UGO Wear

Summer Sailstice 2019
Prize Value
UGO Wear

Ugo Wear is the latest in smart 'dry' technology for your smart phone. And we have a Ugo Waterproof Case to give away for Summer Sailstice.


"The ugo is different than any other phone case that claims to be waterproof and here’s why:

Patented ugoZIP™ Technology

"We followed the lead of experts in public safety and scuba gear when we designed the ugo waterproof pack. The ugo waterproof phone case uses the same type of zipper found on drysuits and hazmat public safety suits. The patented ugoZIP™ Technology is what sets the ugo apart from any other waterproof phone cases and is tested to hold up to 10,000 pulls. There simply is no comparison!

"The ugo phone case was third party tested under pressure and is Certified Waterproof with an IP68 rating. The ugo phone case is submersible to 15 feet, tested at the factory for a 24 hour period under water and is so airtight not even a germ can enter!"

But that's not the end of it. Take a look at the everything the Ugo team went through to ensure they provided you with the best possible product in its field.

Here's a great video of ugo in action:

We're excited to have Ugo Wear aboard for Summer Sailstice, and if you want to win this great prize you need to be signed up and sailing for Summer Sailstice 2019.