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Summer Sailstice 2018
Prize Value
Ukulele Magazine

Ukulele Magazine has donated 3 x 2-year subscriptions, plus a special discount for Summer Sailstice participants!

Enter the Summer Sailstice SEA SHANYTY SHAKE contest - you could win a 2-year subscription to Ukulele. 

Or if you don't feel that brave, Ukulele has a special offer just for Summer Sailstice participants - 

"Exclusively for Summer Sailstice, we are offering our lowest ever introductory price for a subscription to Ukulele magazine:
4 quarterly issues for just $10."

Ukulele is the go-to magazine for everything and everyone Ukulele.

"We want to fill our pages with your stories and playful spirit. We hope to strengthen our readers’ connections to each other, and to the music that ties the community together."

Imagine! All you need to do is sing us a sailing song, and you could be flicking through your quartley edition of Ukulele.

Sign up now, get yourself a copy of Ukulele and learn that song for the Sea Shanty Shake - you might have the next big hit!