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Welcome back Hobie Cat Company for another excellent Summer Sailstice celebration!

Summer Sailstice 2013
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 Welcome back Hobie Cat Company for another excellent Summer Sailstice celebration!

Congratulations 2015 Winner Helene Schmidt hailing from the Davis Creek Yacht Club on the Chesapeake! Helene won the Hobie® Mirage® i12s with Sail - read about how Helene has shared her prize with a local youth group!

Hobie are continuing their long standing support for Summer Sailstice and sailing, with the donation of a Hobie Mirage i-Series Kayak, with Sail Kit.



The Hobie Mirage i9s is an inflatable kayak specifically designed for storage in small spaces - which is what our sailboats are all about right?  This compact little unit weighs only 70lbs and stores away into 30”x25”x12”. That would even fit on my boat!



However, don’t be fooled by its size or the fact that it’s inflatable. The i9s is made from a rugged 1000 denier PVC and boasts a reinforced underside - so you can even slide right up onto your favorite rocky beach. Plus the kayak’s floor is made from a “Drop Stitch” construction, which creates “remarkable structural rigidity,” which actually enhances its performance, without sacrificing its portability! Sound good?

Go take a look, and see what you could win - Hobie Mirage i9s

And while you’re there, maye you'd like to read up on Hobie’s historyDid you know that Hobie’s first venture on the water was in the production of surfboards?

At 18-years-old, Hobie Alter, began building balsawood surfboards in his parent’s garage in 1950. Fast forward to the late 1960s and you’d find Hobie “messing around in boats” leading to the first of what became their signature craft, the Hobie Cat.  

Hobie revolutionized the sailing industry and created what is “still the world’s best selling cat.”  This world wide group now has an impressive line-up of recreation and racing sailboats including pedal-driven and paddle sit-on-top recreation and fishing kayaks, inflatable kayaks, fishing boats and stand-up paddleboards, plus a complementary array of parts and accessories. Take a look for yourself!