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Sailors for the Sea

Boaters see first-hand the devastating threats our oceans face including plastic pollution, oil spills and marine habitat destruction. Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana is engaging, educating and activating the boating community toward restoring ocean health by building a network of engaged conservationists through their Green Boating Initiative. 

Green Boaters are provided with the latest information on sustainable boating practices and opportunities to act on critical policy issues that are needed to save our oceans. 

So sign up to join this leading community of Green Boaters who are taking action to protect their waterways. 

About Sailors for the Sea:

Marine life and vital coastal habitats are straining under the increasing pressure of global use. The ocean, which was once considered inexhaustible and resilient, is, in fact, finite and fragile.  Sailors for the Sea educates and engages the boating community in the worldwide protection of the oceans. The boating community has a profound passion for - and understanding of - the world's seas and Sailors for the Sea was founded to galvanize the sailing and boating community around ocean health issues.

David Rockefeller, Jr., an avid racing sailor and deeply committed to the environment, founded Sailors for the Sea in 2004 as a direct result of his work on the Pew Oceans Commission that identified profound and alarming ocean health issues. The list of these issues is extensive and includes marine debris, overfishing, habitat alteration and degradation, non-point source pollution, invasive species and inconsistent ocean management policies.

In 2018, Sailors for the Sea joined forces with Oceana, the largest international advocacy organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation. By combining Sailors for the Sea’s goal of educating boaters about marine conservation with Oceana’s experience mobilizing supporters to advocate for policy that supports healthy and abundant oceans, the Green Boating Initiative creates a global network of active, engaged ocean champions within the sailing and boating community who are taking action to save our oceans.  Sailors for the Sea core programs include Green Boating, Clean Regattas and Kids Environmental Lesson Plans (KELP). {Read More here}.