2017 Event Map Tools

April 17, 2016 by jarndt
2017 Event Map Tools

There are three categories for you to sign up to tell the story of sailing and showcase all the ways we sail - Public Events, Demo Events and Individual Plans.  When you post your event pick one of the three below:

Here's the difference:

Public Events are, as it suggests, open to the public. This means an open house, test sails and any event that allows public access and participation.

Demo Events are inviation only events which are for friends and family participating in races, cruises, company picnics, fleets, clubs and other already connected groups of sailors.  These events demonstrate all the many ways people participate in sailing.

Individual Plans are for everyone to share their individual sailing plans for Summer Sailstice weekend.  This helps us all tell the story of sailing.  Your plans could be just going sailing on your own, with family or as part of a Public Event, a Demo Event above.  

When you post your event or individual sailing plans you help us all, collectively tell the story of sailing and, as a Summer Sailstice participant, become eligible to win the Sunsail charter or one of the many other prizes on the Summer Sailstice prize list.  

Renew Every Year

To be entered in the annual drawing we need you to renew your participation each year.  Just log in each year and share your sailing plans or post a picture of your boat or expand the participation at your event.  Celebrate sailing with all the worlds sailors by posting your sailing plans and then hoisting your sails on Summer Sailstice weekend. 

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