2019 Sailstice Gear In-Store Now!

March 7, 2019 by Monica Grant
2019 Sailstice Gear In-Store Now!

Woohoo! Summer is coming and we've got a whole new line up of Summer Sailstice logo wear ready for you to order. This year's design was inspired by the popular trend of minimalism because, after all, sailing is all about minimalism - minimal space, minimal stuff and most importantly, minimal stress. 

Check it out...

2019 T-shirt

And don't worry if you don't like the examples above because we've got more great colors for you to choose from.

Plus we have 2019 Sailstice caps in four fun colors, so go to town and deck yourself out the coolest gear for summer 2019. While you're ordering grab a shirt for everyone in your family, your crew, your entire club and maybe even your pets! Oh, and don't forget to order your 2019 Burgee from North Sails

We have discounts available for bulk orders so let everyone know and put your order together now so you can be sure to get your gear in time for your June 22/23 celebrations. 

Want to see how cool it looks to have everyone in their Sailstice shirts?

This is the crew from the Hunter Sailing Association looking good on Chesapeake Bay.
(Okay, it's not everyone, but it's close!)

Can you do better? Send us a pic of 5 or more of your crew in their Summer Sailstice T-shirts and we'll send you a 2019 Summer Sailstice Burgee from North Sails!

If you haven't signed up yet or you haven't added your sailing plans or event, now is a good time to do both. We're running 'Early-bird' sign up promotions between now and June 22 so make sure your name is in the hat by signing up or renewing your registration and adding your sailing plans.

See you on the water! #howwillyousail

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