2021 Contests Have Landed

May 6, 2021 by Nicki Bennett













Our 2021 Contests are updated! You can check out all the contests here. We have all the favorites, with a few minor changes. The biggest change is in how the contests will be submitted. Rather than submitting them through email and social media, all submissions will come through our website on the contest page you are entering. All contests open on June 19th with the expectation of the restore on Old Boat contest which is open now! Please read the fine print on each contest to ensure you don't miss a requirement. Prizes for each contest will be announced by June 1st.

2021 Photo Contest


This years photo contest will be of all photos, not just sunrise and sunset. Go wild, have fun, and take a ton of photos-- but make sure you narrow it down to your top three, as you are only permitted to submit 3 entries per person. 

2021 Video Contest

Screen Shot

By far our favorite contest every year because we get a real sense of your Summer Sailstice. Videos are limited to 1 minute and will be posted to our YouTube page. Capturing all elements of your Sailtice, get creative, and have fun!

2021 Raft-Up Contest

Chatham Sailing

Last year didn't afford many opportunities to raft-up. We are hopeful this year will be a bit different. Plan your event, invite your friends and don't forget to take a picture of all the boats. Please make sure to include the location and number of boats in your submission. 

2021 Restore an Old Boat

Old Boat

Have you restored an old boat this year? Submit your project to our contest. Please include photos and/or video, and a description of your restoration project. 

Don't forget to sign up for Sailstice! In order to participate in any of the contests, you must be signed up for an event or with a personal plan. 

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