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2023 Restoration Contest Winner: Rob Hatcher!

July 18, 2023 by Heather Breaux
restoration prize winner

We think this restoration project was WELL worth a 1st place prize - anyone with any experience at all with boat projects will understand the time and energy invested into this make-over. Looks like Rob has outdone himself in these before and after photos - we're impressed. And if the transformation wasn't enough, he wrote us to say he has already sold the boat! We certainly understand why!

And, of course, the after shot!

2023 restoration prize winner

Rob wrote to us with some more detail on this boat that had not seen water for at least 12 years!

It’s a 1982 Compac 19.The previous owner had sort of forgotten about her, but I knew he was ready to let her go.  In mid- June, a Michigan couple that has a vacation cabin near our sailing club expressed interest in it and said they would be returning in a couple of weeks, so I spent that time recovering the jewel from the tenacious grasp of nature. When they returned for 4th of July holiday, we took her out for short sail and they fell in love with her. I wish I’d taken time to get more photos. I habitually jump and then start looking for the ripcord."

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