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Aloha Sailors!

March 2, 2023 by Heather Breaux

Dennis Maggard is joining a long history of intrepid sailors making a Pacific crossing this year, planning his sail to Hanalei Bay for the 2023 Sailstice! He's going to be busy for the Sailstice, with plans to sail from San Francisco to Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii in early May. Then, he will be anchored there during June and July. He writes, "On July 24 I'll row ashore, jog along the beach, swim around the pier, then have a tot of rum in town. I'll greet the 2023 Singlehanded Transpac fleet arriving in July, then sail on to the San Juan Islands north of Seattle in August." Living the aloha life it would seem! The Pacific Northwest is activated for the sailtice this year, with flotilla events posted already! Last year, Dennis also had similar plans to Warm Up Hanalei Bay before the SHTP 2021 fleet arrived. At that time, he had already been anchored at Hanalei and had a nice 4-mile run along the beach, swim around the Hanalei pier planned, topping it off with drinking his fill of coconut rum.

Dennis and SV Pamela
Dennis and SV Pamela


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