Are you a Summer Sailstice Photo Contest Winner? Part 1.

August 5, 2019 by Monica Grant
Are you a Summer Sailstice Photo Contest Winner? Part 1.

We love the Summer Sailstice Photo Competition as we get to see dozens of fun, beautiful, interesting and overall fantastic photos. We love seeing and then sharing the photos, and reading the comments!

The submitted photos were added to the 2019 Photo Contest Album on our Summer Sailstice Facebook page, and winners have been awarded in three categories – Most Popular, Judges Choice, and the North Sails Sunset/Sunrise Photo.

While we're waiting for North Sails to choose the Sunset/Sunrise Photo winner, here are the winners in the other two categories.

To determine the winner of the Most Popular we asked you give a thumbs up to your favorite photo or photos. The rest is simple, the photo with the most 'Likes' at the close of voting wins!

The 'Most Popular' award goes to Patricia Pytlak with 35 'Likes'. Patricia submitted this photo taken at the 48th Scotch Bonnet Light Race
Patricia Pytlak Photo contest winner
"Genesee Yacht Club participating in conjunction with our 48th Scotch Bonnet Light Race. Despite the flooding on Lake Ontario, torrential rains with flash floods the day before, and most of our docks being under water, GYC's (Genesee Yacht Club) 'can do' spirit came through to host our event, including accommodating guest boats from neighboring yacht clubs. This photo is boats assembling for the 7 pm start."

In second place, with 27 'Likes' is Dan Merrill. Dan submitted his photo taken at Sandy Point, ME.
Dan Merrill photo contest

Third place winner is Christopher Hubell (9 Likes) with his photo titled 'On the Rails', taken during the Scotch Bonnet Light Race.
On the rails
"We celebrated Sailstice by racing in Genesee Yacht Club's Scotch Bonnet Light Race starting in Rochester, NY, then sailing 83 NM to Canada and back."

These are the prizes the 'Most Popular' photo winners will receive: 
1st Prize: 
Convergence - A Voyage Through French Polynesia by Sally-Christine Rodgers/ Mantus Anchors Backpack / Mt Gay Flask from Pirates Lair / Blue Water Sailing Magazine Subscription
Convergence - Sally-Christine Rodgers

2nd Prize: Mantus Anchors Headlamp / Cape Hatteras Marine Boarding Mat / Blue Water Sailing Magazine Subscription
Hula Girl Hatteras Mat

3rd Prize: Schaefer Marine Forged Aluminum Winch Handle / Quantum Sails Swag Pack
Quantum Prizes


The judges looked at a number of features when deciding the 'Judges Choice' winners. They like to see the broader spectrum of sailing and therefore consider any photo that that demonstrates any aspect of sailing is a fair entry. It doesn't have to be the most spectacular scenery, the most colorful sail  or the most sailboats in one image to be a great photo that captures sailing. It doesn't even have to be technically perfect. "We just know what we like when we see it." And so... 

First place in the 'Judges Choice' goes to Joan Gilmore for her photo 'Team Work'.
Joan Gilmore Photo contest
"The crew attaching a preventer line to the end of the boom on Lake Superior, near Madeline Island."

The saying goes 'A picture tells a thousand words' and this one does just that. The photo demonstrates some of the most vital features of sailing: team work – everyone on a sailboat pitches in and has a role to play; safety – safety is paramount on a sailboat; and fun – did Joan perhaps send this photo as a 'cheeky' submission? Either way, it says fun with a capital F! Well done Joan!

Second place goes to 'Holopuni Tahiti on the water' submitted by Nick Beck.
Holopuni photo contest
The Holopuni crews were out in force for Summer Sailstice in Hawaii, Alaska (competing in the Race to Alaska), Tahiti and New Zealand. This photo of from the Tahiti Holopuni sailors is full of color and a fun day on the water. 

Third place winner in the 'Judges Choice' category is Paul Bollinger Jr.. Paul submitted this photo (among others) of Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating's (CRAB) Summer Sailstice celebration.
CRAB Photo contest
Happy faces, enthusiasm, punctuality, life vests, and yes the judges may have been swayed a little by the words Summer Sailstice splashed so nicely across the photo. But seriously, this is what Summer Sailstice is all about – getting people out on the water and and if they're not already sailors, giving them every opportunity to become sailors. CRAB took more than 60 people sailing over the Summer Sailstice weekend – people with disabilities and their families, and local children from at-risk communities. Well done CRAB, and thanks for sharing the joys of sailing with so many people! 

These winners receive the following prizes:

1st Prize: Folding 'Cobalt' Knife from Boye Boat Knives / Convergence - A Voyage Through French Polynesia by Sally-Christine Rodgers / New England Ropes Docklines / Mantus Anchors Backpack
Boye Knives

2nd Prize: Mantus Anchors Headlamp / Cape Hatteras Marine Boarding Mat / Blue Water Sailing Magazine Subscription
Blue Water Sailing Magazine

3rd Prize: Mantus Anchors $100 Gift Certificate / Tackrite from Sailology

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to everyone for participating.

We're already looking forward to the Summer Sailstice 2020 'Anniversary' Photo Contest, so start planning now - June 20, 2020.

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