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British Columbia Sailstice Flotilla

July 21, 2021 by Nicki Bennett
BC Floatilla

Over Sailstice Gord Fulcher of Starlight Sailing Adventures led four boats on a 8-day Sailstice 2021 Flotilla.

Gord Fulcher

The crew left Sooke Harbour Vancouver Island British Columbia by 8 sharp to catch the currents… okay it was nine by the time we left due to two boats having trouble, one with parking, one had a battery issue. They had to wait until the afternoon and then Penelope (from the book Passage to Juneau) started and caught up at Cadboro Bay for the night.

It was six and a half hours of beating and beam reach in the Strait of Juan de Fuca to get to Cadboro Bay the other side of Victoria where we anchored for the night. One boat Illusive II (from Victoria) was already there. We went by Race Rocks on the way.

What a time was had by all.

-Gord FulcherBC




From Gord guest Mary of SV Corazon, Vancouver BC

Gord is so modest, I think it highly likely that he neglected to mention that the 4 boats he led were all skippered and crewed by sailors who would never have had the confidence to do this sail without him.

The route from Sooke to Victoria (and through Race Rocks) can be very challenging - and the ensuing passages through shipping lanes, ferry routes, and narrow channels can be equally of concern. But Gord supported all 4 boats in successfully navigating the trip - and did so in a way that increased our feelings of autonomy and self-confidence.

He is, truly, a remarkable teacher.

It was awesome! And it was also quite wonderful to feel like we were part of an international sailing community. Thank you so much for your efforts at Summer Sailstice. And I look forward to ’seeing’ you again next year!



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