A Ceremonious Start to Summer Sailstice and the Sailing Season

July 16, 2015 by Monica Grant
A Ceremonious Start to Summer Sailstice and the Sailing Season

"Call of the Conch"

Day 1 Sat June 20 2015

North East Wind 7-12  First The Captain Frank Thomas needed to replace the flag line so he hoisted himself up using rock climbing ascenders and a bosun sling. He was able to install the new flag line. Hung the American flag, The Indiana State flag, Muncie Sail Club burgee. Sail America burgee from Sept 14th 2002, and the current Summer Sailstice 2015  flag.  We sailed with other sailors on Prairie Creek from Muncie Sailing Club and some from City Dock. The air was cool but not chilly.  Great Sailing on this day.

Day 2 Sunday June 21, 2015 

North West Wind 7-12  Sunny and warmer 75 - 80 Our flags are mangled from hanging all night. The capt tries, while under sail, to correct them. Gives up and brings them down and separates them. Raises the majestic flags to welcome summer. Frank blows the conch at 12:38 pm, welcoming Summer's beginning in Indiana. Many boats came out for our group sail. We sailed for two hours then went into our slips for a lunch break. We then sailed again in the afternoon for a couple of hours. Both days were majestic sailing days.  A good wind and lots of fun. Thanks for inspiring sailors to sail for Summer Sailstice.

Story by First Mate ByVonda Thomas


You're very welcome, and thank you all for being a part of this great sailing community that we all enjoy so much! 


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