Chatham Sailing Club Celebrates with Fun Series and Raft Up, for One?

July 3, 2017 by Monica Grant
Chatham Sailing Club Celebrates with Fun Series and Raft Up, for One?

As we have been discovering through stories from Muncie Sailing Club and Sail Michigan, sailing doesn't always go to plan, but as we have also discovered, sailors are a determined bunch and will more than likely carry on whenever possible. Chatham Sailing Club is still relatively new and for this Summer Sailstice celebration, they started the day with four boats enjoying the fun and finished the day with a raft up for one.

Ed, Lilli, Randy, Jessica, and Connie anchored at Romerly Marsh Creek and saw the coming of the new day.

 Connie Polk  Connie Polk  Connie Polk

'We started with our already scheduled Fun Series race, with 4 boats entered, and we planned a raft-up and overnight. Turns out we, on Sabre 30 Peregrine, were the only boat to attend the rest of the event. Two others were scheduled for the raft up, but there was a family medical emergency for one skipper following the race and engine problems for another.'
Connie Polk  Connie Polk   Connie Polk

'Peregrine crew would not be deterred, as we sailed out into the Wassaw Sound to Wassaw Island after the race, swam, walked the beach, then motored into Romerly Marsh Creek to anchor for the night. We ate, we drank, we rocked with the wind and tide until daybreak. After a morning dip we attempted to sail back in brutal heat and dying wind, finally giving up as a matter of survival to return home. It was a great Summer Sailstice for us all!'
Connie Polk  Connie Polk

'Our crew: Ed & Lilli Owens our trusty skippers, Randy Salvo, Jessica Healy and Connie Polk, Savannah, G.'

Chatham Sailing Club was formed in 2009 by, and for sailors in the Savannah, Georgia area to fill the gaps between existing sailing clubs' schedules. Through hosting activities, providing dock space and a clubhouse, the CSC aims to increase participation in sailing in the Savannah area. And they must be having fun while they're at it, because "NO ONE here gets paid to do this, we do it because we love the sport!"


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