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Contest Winners!!

July 26, 2020 by Nicki Bennett

Despite all the uncertainties faced this year, Summer Sailstice 2020 was a success, and that is in large part due to our amazing community. Year after year we organize this event to grow and promote sailing world-wide. We loved seeing all of the creative ways you celebrated sailing on this year's Sailstice despite a global pandemic changing the way each and every sailor sailed.

The contests are our favorite. We love to see the creativity and passion that shines through.

Thank you for showing us your love of sailing in some incredible ways. We wish everyone could be a winner, but since that is not possible, we have made some tough decisions and are pleased to announce the winners for all of our Summer Sailstice prizes!!

North Sails Photo Contest

1st Prize Winner 

*This was the highest liked photo that followed the rule of being a sunset or sunrise photo

John & Amy Cole, Soling One Meter sailboats on Lake Eustis, Florida.

"The Summer Sailstice celebration is always an event that the members of the Lake Eustis Sailing Club on Lake Eustis in Central Florida look forward to.  In years past, each member was encouraged to bring along a guest who was new to sailing so that we could introduce them to our great sport.  This year, however, saw us holding a very muted gathering of only about 20 people since it was limited to members only and without our usual cookout. But even the lack of a breeze didn't keep us off of the water.  Just this past May seven of us members discovered the fun of radio controlled sailboats.  It has been a blast to pass the controller around to our sailors on calm days when the 'big' boats can't go out.  Our fleet of Solings is growing each month."

First Prize

2nd Place 

This was the crowd favorite, and for good reason, looks like a great crowd!

Betsy Linn, Winter SAILstice 2020 New Zealand

"This is a photo of our gathering of world cruisers from 19 different countries all gathered together for our Winter SAILstice 2020 ‘Coming Out” Celebration of Yachting. When the COVID 19 lockdown was lifted we celebrated by thanking the town of Whangarei for allowing us to remain there in self-quarantine aboard our boats In the marina. We set aside 20 June to fly our signal flags up and down the river to show our thanks. We invited the Mayor to say a few words along with a Maori elder to offer a blessing. Our own cruisers band supplied the music and we enlisted the Brothers of the Coast to fire off their cannon to make it all official! The public enjoyed the open docks and visiting with the cruisers. In the evening we continued the celebration with a dinner dance at a local yacht club."

Winter Sailstice

3rd Place

Connie Polk, Chatham Sailing in GA

Chatham sailing had a great day of sailing and an awesome raft-up!!

Chatham Sailing

Video Contest

1st Prize

Sailstice 2020 - Inverness Yacht Club

2nd Place

Dave Bloch, A Virtual Summer Sailstice in Second Life

Dave created an incredible Sailstice event in the virtual world of Second Life. The event was well attended, included races, parties, a boat show, mermaids and more. It was a first virtual Sailstice event, and happy to say, it seems it most certainly won't be the last. 

Raft-Up Conest

Connie Polk, Chatham Sailing, GA

RSVP Contest

Dave Bloch, Sailstice in Second Life-- Had a record number of sign ups!!

Good Old Boat

Roger Krakow

Robert Copps

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