A Different Kind of Sailstice

August 27, 2020 by Nicki Bennett

The Summer Sailstice scene was a little different this year at Vuda Marina in Fiji

Grete Fimrite, wrote in to share about her not so traditional first Sailstice.

Fiji SS

At the time of Sailstice, sailing was not permitted in Fiji due to COVID lockdown restrictions, so a group of friends got creative and made it a day to remember. To celebrate sailing together yet apart, with sailors around the world, they got together and got on the water, on dinghies, paddleboards and kayaks. The fond memories of making it the best of a less than ideal situation are sure to last a lifetime.

Fiji SS

Thanks for sharing your Sailsitce with us Grete! As we mark our calendars and start to plan for 2021, we are still soaking in the amazing stories from what is sure to be a once in a lifetime Summer Sailstice. If you haven't shared your stories or photos with us yet, please send them over to nicki@summersailstice.com.

Fiji SS


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