Do you Know the Origins of your Hobie Sailcraft?

May 17, 2017 by Monica Grant
Do you Know the Origins of your Hobie Sailcraft?

Do you know the origins of your Hobie sailcraft?  Did you know that Hobie’s first venture on the water was in the production of surfboards?

IN 1950 an 18-year-old surfer, Hobart "Hobie" Alter, began building balsawood surfboards in his parent’s garage. Fast forward to the late 1960s and you’d find Hobie “messing around in boats”, leading to the first of what became Hobie Cat Company's signature craft, the Hobie Cat. And thus, Hobie revolutionized the sailing and water-sports industries.

Hobie History's timeline shows that the young Hobie was not only a dab hand at shaping surfcraft, but was also immaginative. Hobie is credited with co-creating the world's first first fiberglass-and-foam-core surfboards, and introducing polyurethane skateboard wheels - two of the world's greatest sporting innovations

Sadly, Hobie Alter is no longer alive, but his legacy continues with what is arguably the world's largest range of small sailing and water craft.

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Hobie's first store in Dana Point, California.

Hobie Alter (1933-2014).

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