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The Fall Equinox Reminds Us to Save the Date for Sailstice

September 22, 2021 by Nicki Bennett

The autumnal equinox is here. On Wednesday, September 22, the Northern and Southern hemispheres will experience an equal amount of daylight.

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the beginning of fall, with daylight hours continuing to shorten until the winter solstice in December. For those south of the equator, it’s the beginning of spring. 

While some sailors enjoy the calm autumn breezes, others begin winterizing, and others are preparing to sail off over the horizon for cruising in warmer climates. 

For us here at Summer Sailstice, we begin planning how we can make next year, our best year yet. Can we get more sailors than ever sailing on Sailstice? We can, with your help! It's not too early to sign up, and start planing. 


Summer Sailstice 2022 is coming, and you don't want to miss it. As of today, it is exactly 268 days until we raise our sails for the 22nd annual celebration of worldwide sailing. Mark your calendars for June 18th, 2022. Sign up for sails up, because it is always a good time. 

Bill Hale
Bill Hale and his wife sailed in Long Island on Sailstice and won these hats and shirts just for participating!
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