Freestyle Skier Angel Collinson Takes a Leap of Faith

December 18, 2020 by jarndt

One of the fun things about organizing Summer Sailstice is that people send us fantastic sailing images or links to things that inspire them about sailing. And, of course, one of those people is my daughter, Hannah, who sent this note: 

"I went down a rabbit hole of ski videos and came across this professional skier recently turned sailor...combines all of your favorite things - sailing, skiing, and saving the planet! I thought you might enjoy it." I did. 

Angel Collinson is a freeskier and now also a sailor. Since we grew up sailing in Maine we also liked seeing the 39' steel cutter that she and her partner Pete Willauer are sailing is from Bath, ME. 

Here's the short description of the video from "World of Adventure":

"While recovering from knee surgery, freeskier Angel Collinson had been reflecting on issues important to her, with a desire to “make the world of a better place”. During this time, she met Pete Willauer, a filmmaker and sailing enthusiast, who shared her vision for a life of sustainable adventure and purpose. Less than a year later, they purchased a boat, “Sea Bear”, and spent the summer in Maine preparing it for global expeditions. Angel shares how her “leap of faith” into this new endeavor is all about pursuing your dreams and following your heart."


They do a nice job capturing the magic of sailing and applying the message to a mission. We'll hope to cross tacks with them someday. 

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